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Thank you to these recent guests on The Meredith Show, who “share the love” of how their appearance on the show benefited their various amazing businesses!

photo 2 (2)From Dr. Roshawnna Novellus with Novellus Financial~

Meredith provided a detailed quality marketing action plan and exceeded my expectations. I’m a bit difficult to please since I read marketing strategy books frequently. However, Meredith was not only able to think of out of the box ideas, she was able to find innovative ways to implement her strategies. When people move from thought to actions, they’re definitely worth keeping close.

Meredith With Bev Tuller from Mary & Martha's Kitchen Shop

From Beverley Tuller, owner of local Columbia, SC kitchen store Mary & Martha’s~

So we just got a phone call, “I just saw you on tv and you have a pan I can use metal utensils with? How much is it? Where exactly are you? I’ll be right there!” SCORE!  

From Brenda Tobin-Flood, Cert. R.N., Ruby’s Naturals~

Do you want to know what happened to me when my segment aired on The Meredith Show? The episode had not even finished airing and I already had orders placed online! I am serious! In addition to online orders, I also had new customers approach my booth at the local farmers market and tell me they were at the market specifically to see me, because they saw our episode on The Meredith Show! If you are looking to expand your business, or just get the word out to new folks, I would highly recommend The Meredith Show as your advertising platform. Meredith is fun, warm, and genuinely “shares the love” about you and your business.


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february, 2023

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