This morning on The Meredith Show, we were delighted and honored to host Violette deAyala, Founder & CEO of Femfessionals. This organization is near and dear to our hearts because it is all about fabulous women in business coming together to support one another and form genuine, quality connections. Our lovely show host, Meredith Allan, is the president of the local chapter of Femfessionals right here in Columbia, SC!

Violette shared with us her inspirational story of starting her first business at age 23 with a fitness business to help people reach their healthiest potential. She carried that entrepreneurial spirit with her through the years until she moved back to her home state of Florida and was at a loss of how to connect with other ladies in business, before the days of LinkedIn. Hence the birth of Femfessionals. The organization started out as a ladies’ luncheon in Florida and has grown to 60 chapters nationwide!

Violette is also Cuban American, and we loved her sharing the story of how her parents moved from their home country Cuba to the U.S. and had to start from the ground up in creating a new life for their family here. That kind of hard work and entrepreneurial spirit from her parents was passed on to Violette and look what she’s done with it: inspiring and equipping women all over the world through Femfessionals. We’ve got goosebumps! Thank you again for joining us on the show, Violette, and to all our audience members and readers who would like to learn more about Femfessionals, visit their website at They offer a free membership for ladies just starting out in business.

To our Columbia, SC women in business: we host monthly Femfessionals events right here in our own city! If you are interested in joining for the next one, email Meredith at


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