Wow! We just LOVE the story behind 2 Fat 2 Fly Wings and having Columbia’s own Corey and Ramone live on The Meredith Show with us this morning. They joined us just days after the premier of their brand new show “Wingmen” on OWN-TV! Did you catch their pilot episode on the Oprah Winfrey Network? Check it out HERE. Since we are all about #SharingTheLove, we want to ask our audience to log onto Oprah’s website and leave a comment about how much you loved the pilot episode, because the team at OWN is looking for feedback.  Who wouldn’t want to see more of Columbia, SC’s already “Famously Hot” Wingmen and their amazing food truck!

We are also super excited to share the love for two of our guests in Atlanta. Looking to get your money straight? Click here to check out and buy Financial Wellness Expert Roshawnna Novellus’ new book Budget Is More Liberation Than Limitation. 

Also hot in Atlanta is the real estate market pro Erin Mosher. Mosher says she loves helping newlyweds and families relocating in Hot-lanta! Contact her here for top-notch service.

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